Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lab Workshop Block In

I took a break from digital painting to start up a side 3D project.  I found a cool piece of concept art done by one of the artists from Polycount that I felt would make a nice little side project to keep me busy.  Here's the concept done by linkov on Polycount:  

Please feel free to check out the rest of linkov's work and his profile on Polycount here:  

In my spare time from work I've slowly been working on a 3D block in of this concept that's more or less done for it's purposes at this point:

From here, the more involved, refined modeling/texturing starts.  For this project in particular, I want to try my hand at 3D Coat since I've heard it does wonders for models that involve a hand-painted look.  Time to grab the free demo soon to see if I like it.

Otherwise, I intend to combine Zbrush and hard surface modeling with a hand painted look, and will likely put this project in an engine like UDK when I'm further along.

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