Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mid Semester Art Dump - Lutin's Folly

Whew!  We just got finished with our Alpha milestone of our senior year game, "Spare Parts: Lutin's Folly."  We're made of a team of senior student artists and programmers, and we are building this game using the Unity Engine.

Spare Parts is about a race of little elven/halfling creatures that live in this little secluded tree village that we refer to as "The Grotto."  They're very naturalistic and connected with nature.  Among the villagers is our main character Lutin, who instead is attracted to technology and mechanics.  The game follows Lutin as he creates a large frog robot meant to defend and protect the village.  However, after powering up his robot, it malfunctions and goes on a rampage, leaving it up to Lutin to set things right.

I haven't been so good about posting some of my work from the game, so I took some time to make some quick breakdown sheets of some of my models and textures for the work I've done.

There's lots to be done and refined environment wise, but here are some screenshots from the game to show our current progress:

The game all takes place in one main area and goes through three acts, which occur at different times of day. The most of our work has been put into the night level scene so far.

Here is a dump of some of the assets I've contributed toward:

The top roof texture of this well was done by Stephanie Keene, who is our art director and another environment artist on the team.

Best case scenario, we'll have this game polished and shiny by the time GDC rolls around.  Wish us luck!