Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bastion 3D Environment Project - More Progress

Whew, another semester is done at DigiPen.  Just one more to go!  I'm feeling pretty fatigued from the last few days, so I'll do my best to dump the art from these last few months in a bit.

In the last few weeks I made a big push on my Bastion environment.  I'll post some of my process work in this post and then I'll make another post for some of the final stuff.

About 2 and a half weeks ago I got to a point where I got textures on everything in the scene.  Here's what that looked like: 

I needed a little more direction as to how to proceed further, so I did a paintover using the in game screenshot as a guide:

This was just a planning step for me so I could have a target to hit going forward.

That led to another texture pass, primarily to add some ambient occlusion and shadow to the ground, as if the scene was lit from above.  Here are some 3D stills from Maya after that pass:

It was about time to get a skydome in there to give this thing some background.

In my next post I'll post some in-engine screenshots from UDK as well as a flyaround video.  Stay tuned!

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