Monday, November 19, 2012

Bastion 3D Environment Project Update

Here's some more progress shots from the last few days:

Bastion 3D Environment Project -WIP-

Alright, so it's about time I made a post on this.  I've been working on a little environment project based on some of the awesome background art done for Bastion, an indie-action adventure game that came out a little more than a year ago.

I'll start from the beginning.  I was first wowed by some of the work done by Elementrix from Polycount recently, where he's been experimenting with how far you can go with painterly textures.  Here's a couple samples of his work to show you what I mean:

These are 3D models, and if you look really close at some of the images, you can see the wireframes on each piece.  That aside, the environments themselves look like paintings!  Upon seeing the first image I thought it was a piece of concept art.  I was in love with that feeling to think that I was fooled that this 3D model looked like a 2D image.

I did some research and learned about his technique, where he basically uses projection painting in Photoshop/Mudbox to paint on the 3D model organically.  This allows for a real painterly feeling to come across in his work.  He also does an awesome job painting in the lighting and shadows as well, which really pushes the painted look.

If you'd like to check out more on Elementrix, here's the thread from Polycount that has more on this project:

Additionally I found his blog:

I was really impressed by the guy's work.  Around this time I was in the middle of deciding what my next project would be, and lo and behold, I find this guy's stuff.  I felt inspired to do something similar to this style, since I've always had a thing for painterly textures but never really executed a whole project dedicated to it.

Which leads me to my project brief now:

I wanted to recreate this environment from Bastion in 3D, using the painterly texture process of Elementrix. (Since I'm such a Bastion geek, I thought I'd post a video of the playthrough of this level if you wanted to get a sense of the atmosphere for this scene:  Skip to about 4:15 to get to this environment shot.)

 Further down the line I want to get the environment within an engine so I can implement the floating particle effects and animation.  I did some preliminary tests to try out Elementrix's technique:

The image above is a 3D model, which was textured completely using Photoshop's 3D painting tools now available since I think CS4.

Here's a video turnaround of the model:

After tackling that, I started on other parts of the environment and began to block it out.  A few weeks ago I was at this point with most props modeled and with block in colors for each prop:

Within the next week I started on texturing some of these assets.  Everything's fairly WIP at this stage:

Some closer shots of some props:

With everything else going on, I'm pulling to have this project finished in a few weeks.  After getting the main textures done for everything, I want to do a "lighting" pass where I paint in some of the shadows and ambient occlusion around the props.  When that's done I'll throw the environment in UDK where I can finish it off.

I'm going to make another post in a bit with some more updated shots.  Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Environment Paintings

Here's an environment lighting project I did over a few weeks:

Here's also some grayscale process sketches for this project:

We had to paint an environment from life and then paint it under different lighting conditions or times of day.  The weather around here in Washington made it a bit difficult for different lighting conditions considering it's been mostly blue and gray lately, so some artistic licensing was pretty necessary.

I do mean to post soon about the current 3D environment I'm working on. The environment is still in the works.  I just need to sit down and compile everything so I can post about it.  If I'm lucky it'll be all done in a few weeks.  Here's to hoping right?

Monday, November 5, 2012

ArenaNet Environment Art Test - Class of 2013

It's been some time, but I've got some neat stuff to show for this update.

First off, ArenaNet started an art test for an environment art internship about a month or so ago.  I've been working on this project outside of school since the test was announced, and I've been documenting my progress for this project on Polycount, which can be found here on this thread:

The thread shows screenshots from start to finish.

Unfortunately about a week ago, ArenaNet cancelled the environment art test in mid-test.  Since I had already had a lot done at that time,  I felt it was best if I finished the project as use for portfolio work.  Here's the concept art for the house asset that had to be modeled:

And here are the finished shots for the project:

The house on its own had to be modeled within 3000 triangles and could only use the equivalent of two 1024x1024 textures for all of it's textures, which would include diffuse, normal and spec maps.  The other objects in scene are not included within these limits.

Here are some breakdowns for textures:

It feels good to be done with this.  I'd like to thank everyone who helped me in making this, may they be my friends, my classmates, or helpful folks from Polycount.  You guys are awesome.

On a side note, for folks that know me, you might've guessed that I did this exact same test last year.  If you'd like to compare the two projects, feel free to check out my post on this from last year: