Saturday, August 18, 2012

8-18-12 UDK Environment Update

Here's another update on my UDK environment.  I've been working on this project for quite some time, and I feel that soon I should be able to call this project finished.  Here are some renders from UDK:

I did some additional color balancing using UDK's color picker tool, which basically allows for Photoshop color adjustments to carry over to UDK.  Other assets and changes include:

-Foliage materials adjusted for stronger color varation
-Vines on the bridge
-Lots more dry foliage/twigs added
-New tree
-Added bloom
-Small wooden rope bridge added

I want to finish this environment before school starts up in September, and I think as long as I keep doing a bit each day for this project I should be in good shape.  It feels like I'm in the last step polish phase, since I'm beginning to nitpick and noodle over the little details.  To be frank, over the last few days I've felt a bit stuck about what exactly to add or refine to make this better, so I could use as many comments or suggestions as I can to get a good gauge at what could use some help.  I'm going to make another post to Polycount and get feedback to see what little tweaks and additions can be made to really push this as far as I can.  Ideally I want to have time to do breakdown sheets of each of the major assets in the scene as well, so be expecting those in the near future.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

8-2-12 UDK Environment Update

I'm not sure if this is a major update, but here's a post to show my work from the last few weeks.  Most of the work has been spent on the bridge in my UDK scene.  I had to rebuild some of the bridge because it was clunky, and I was having UDK import problems with the mesh.  In the end, the bridge mesh was split into more manageable pieces that made it easier to work with.

Here are some of the most recent renders from UDK:

Some of the major changes include:

-Rescaled BG foliage
-Extra and improved bridge elements (ropes, wood, flags, modeled trim)
-Higher res palm tree branches as a base LOD
-Path foliage rearranged
-Cave textures up-rezed

I tweaked the scene saturation down slightly after seeing my renders on other monitors, which made it look quite a bit more saturated than I intended.

As for what's next, I was thinking about setting up some lerp node systems for the foliage materials, so I can vertex paint some color variation into them, just so it all isn't just plain green.  Also, I'm considering doing more with the background foliage. By this I mean I'd like to try having more of it go near the top of the frame, like in my previous paintover, but at the right scale instead.  I was thinking about making some other assets for the far background foliage, like some cool looking lush trees that could help the silhouette of the far background.  I might look into creating more varied ground foliage as well, like different types of grass or shrubs.

As usual I'll be posting this to Polycount within the next day.