Wednesday, July 18, 2012

UDK Environment Paintover

Just a quick update, I took some time to do a paintover of my scene to give me further direction on how to proceed.  A lot of the tweaks were based off of suggestions from my instructor from my FuturePoly class as well as by a number of my classmates.  Some of the chief suggestions were:

-Add more contrast to the path, and perhaps add crumbling rocks on the path edge to add more of an illustrative feel.
-Add  foreground foliage to the left.
-Add foliage to the tops of the cliffs.
-Add more saturation throughout the scene.

I was able to make some fixes to the scene in 3D, so here's the scene in UDK as is:

I'm still not happy with it's current look, so here's a paintover to show the rough plan for ahead:

The concept I'm following is a bit less saturated, but I want to really hit a painterly, stylized feeling for this environment, and I think some increased saturation will help that.  I'll continue to experiment with the texture saturation in my scene to see what looks best.

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