Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cliff Rock Sheet

I worked out a sculpt of a larger cliff rock that I could use for my portfolio scene.  Here's a layout sheet of the sculpt, the baked down game model, and it's wireframe:

I should credit Romy on Polycount for the technique I used to create this rock, which involves using Zbrush R3's Dynamesh, and InsertHand Brush tools.  Here's his post on Polycount on how he explains his technique:

In a word, you combine several rocks together and merge them together as one mesh in Zbrush.  This way you can get a lot of variety in new rock assets if you already have a number rock assets already, which made a lot of sense for my case, because I already had a number of rock sculpts up to now.  After combining several rocks, I was able to do additional sculpting to really fine tune the look.

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