Sunday, July 22, 2012

7-22-12 UDK Environment Progress Update

I've been still working on my UDK environment.  Most of the work has been on polishing the master shot.  Here are the most up to date renders from UDK:


The major elements of this update include the new terrain that makes up the path on the right, a new material to allow for backlit foliage, the upper cliff foliage, the new rock pillars that go out to the sea, and a lot of color adjustment to the rocks.

I've spent a bit of time working out that master shot, so I think working out the other camera shots would make for a nice change of pace.  For instance, I'd want to work on the bridge a bit more since that's something I haven't touched in a while.

More to come soon!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

UDK Environment Paintover

Just a quick update, I took some time to do a paintover of my scene to give me further direction on how to proceed.  A lot of the tweaks were based off of suggestions from my instructor from my FuturePoly class as well as by a number of my classmates.  Some of the chief suggestions were:

-Add more contrast to the path, and perhaps add crumbling rocks on the path edge to add more of an illustrative feel.
-Add  foreground foliage to the left.
-Add foliage to the tops of the cliffs.
-Add more saturation throughout the scene.

I was able to make some fixes to the scene in 3D, so here's the scene in UDK as is:

I'm still not happy with it's current look, so here's a paintover to show the rough plan for ahead:

The concept I'm following is a bit less saturated, but I want to really hit a painterly, stylized feeling for this environment, and I think some increased saturation will help that.  I'll continue to experiment with the texture saturation in my scene to see what looks best.

Cliff Rock Sheet

I worked out a sculpt of a larger cliff rock that I could use for my portfolio scene.  Here's a layout sheet of the sculpt, the baked down game model, and it's wireframe:

I should credit Romy on Polycount for the technique I used to create this rock, which involves using Zbrush R3's Dynamesh, and InsertHand Brush tools.  Here's his post on Polycount on how he explains his technique:

In a word, you combine several rocks together and merge them together as one mesh in Zbrush.  This way you can get a lot of variety in new rock assets if you already have a number rock assets already, which made a lot of sense for my case, because I already had a number of rock sculpts up to now.  After combining several rocks, I was able to do additional sculpting to really fine tune the look.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

UDK Environment: Canyon River WIP

Over the last few months I've been working on a portfolio environment piece while taking an environment modeling class at Futurepoly Seattle.  It's my first 3D environment using the Unreal Engine as a workspace.  The concept for my scene was done by Maxime Desmettre (Max Island: during his work for Prince of Persia (2008):

Here's a few shots of the environment in progress:

I'm going to try to polish some of these shots as much as I can, so there's certainly more work to do for this scene.  In a little while I'll be starting a Polycount thread so I can get additional feedback to help improve this environment.