Wednesday, December 14, 2011


At last, another semester is finally done.  I'm feeling a bit sluggish and I've got a fairly size-able art dump to unload here, so bear with me.

Starting off, here's an old western building that I made over two weeks:

 The props around the building were made over another week.  Here's some shots of each, including a bonus agave plant!

Next up, I've got some more environment works:

 Finally got to updating this medieval background painting.

Here's some old sketches of some stuff around.  Here's my kitchen, and one of the buildings that's around my place.

Last thing I'll post for tonight are some works dealing with an animation project that I've worked on over the last semester.

Happy to be done, though it hasn't quite sunk in that classes are over.  I'll probably need a day or two to recover before I do anything really productive.  Skyward Sword sounds like a nice way to chill for a bit, considering I've hardly played it since I got it.  But sleep will likely come first.

To my classmates that still have finals, keep it up!  Don't give in.


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