Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Some Animation Projects

I've been meaning to upload a few things from animation projects that I've been working on.  This semester our class ran through our first run of 3D junior animation projects, so each of us made a brief, short 3D animation as a way to introduce us to the pipeline.  These were solo projects, so each of us were responsible for creating just about everything in the animation.

So after a semester of work, here's my shot at it:

Further back in my blog is the character sheet for the guy running there, Fahrok.

Looking forward, I'm taking a lot more effort for the prep work for next semester's solo animation project, so in the first step in preparing for it, I've made an animatic to block in all of the major parts of my animation before I really put it into production.

Without further ado, here it is:

With just a semester to complete this, it's got to be short, and hopefully as sweet as possible.  I'm hoping to have as much of the planning as done as possible before I take a step into the projects classroom the first day.  I'm currently working out some of the character design, as well as what the environment will look like.  I'm trying to borrow the style of Windwaker, as well as the great environmental style of Orb, a 3D environment artist to the table for this project.

Sketches and process work to come soon.

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