Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Busy Week

Lots of stuff to do this week.  In class, we're starting to brainstorm stories for an animation project that's going to take place next semester.  Among other things, that's weighing quite a bit on my mind.  Though in the meantime, here's some more life drawing sketches, as well as some CG work I've been doing in the last few weeks:

Here's some CG work, starting off with an old cannon that I modeled and textured.  Forgive the enlarged view, for some reason the site inverts the image when you preview it.  The thumbnails seem unaltered, so until I get better images, here's what I have:

And to focus more on texturing, I practiced on an previously done model of a lantern.  Without touching the UVs or the model, I simply just did the textures from scratch:

Getting that glass to look right was the big hurdle for this.

Sometimes I miss doing more of the manual, non-tech side of arts.  I like CG art greatly, but it's just nice once in a while to do something that you know won't break, crash or corrupt on you.   On that note, here's a few pictures of some prep work for a background painting that I'm doing:

Updates on this painting are to be due soon.  I'm greatly overdue for sleep, so it's time to hit the hay.

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