Monday, August 1, 2011

Interior Environment - Second Pass Texturing, First Pass Lighting

Some steps were taken to refine the textures and then I started tinkering with the lighting of the scene.  I first used an plane with a glowing surface shader that was invisible to the renderer to minimally light the room.  After that I started with the bigger lights and worked my way down until I thought it looked right.  Naturally, I wanted the key light to be coming from the window, and I wanted to go for that yellowish-gold late afternoon lighting.  For the sunlight, I used a directional light, and for the interior fill lights, spot and volume lights were mostly used.
Smoke and special effects would come later.

The next and final step would be to polish the scene as is, and to fix any problems that I received from feedback.  Generally, this render was pretty dark, and I felt that there was more with the lighting that could be interesting.

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