Monday, August 1, 2011

Interior Environment - Low Poly Models and UVs

Learning to model in Maya takes a bit of an adjustment.  From what I could tell, Maya nearly has all of the tools Max does, though it often takes a different process to achieve similar results.

Here's some shots of the whole room with with a low poly modeling run:

The end plan was to start with low polygon models, and then with the use of hard surface modeling, create high polygon models from the low polygon models for the final rendering.  I meant to build these objects to real world scale, so I attempted to keep everything proportionally correct with that in mind.  On another layer  I had some size references to keep my bearings straight:

The cylinder in there is roughly my height, 5' 5''.  And the cube to the right is a 1 foot cube.

Here's some more detail shots of some of the models:

The objects are color coded into five layers, with each layer sharing one UV sheet.

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