Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Daily Paintings May 9th-17th

Posting a few more daily paintings/sketches.  I'm hopefully going to be starting a personal traditional project in  few days, so I'll try to post the process work for that as I finish it.
In the meantime here's the daily work:

Lots of incoming mountain ranges on this one.  I took reference from colorful landscapes to force me into doing more color stuff.

And then River Tam from Serenity.  A black and white still of River from the movie popped up as I was searching noir portraits, so I naturally thought it was a good idea.

A Windwaker style character.  I have to say the style of Windwaker has been growing on me since I've taken a character design class.  The concept art for that game is nicely simple and stylized.  This is also a character comp for a student game team I'm currently working on.  Just experimenting to see what sticks.

Finishing this week's update with a drawing from today life drawing session.  Always more to do.

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