Saturday, May 28, 2011

Process Work: Detective's Room

Here's some process work for a 3D environment I plan to model.  At the top is a concept sketch, and below are a number of thumbnails from my pocketbook leading up to it.  I'm going for a 1930's detective room, all subdued and smoky.  This week is going to include a lot of modeling for this, so I'll try to post some renders when I finish the low poly modeling.

Warrior in Repose

I submitted a work to the Tacoma National Arts Program contest that's held at my brother's work each year.  If I don't win anything, I at least get my work displayed in public for several weeks.

Cutting to the chase, here it is:

Daily Paintings May 18-25th

The one below here is an artist color study from Z.L Feng, a Chinese watercolor painter.

This one below was pretty quick.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Daily Paintings May 9th-17th

Posting a few more daily paintings/sketches.  I'm hopefully going to be starting a personal traditional project in  few days, so I'll try to post the process work for that as I finish it.
In the meantime here's the daily work:

Lots of incoming mountain ranges on this one.  I took reference from colorful landscapes to force me into doing more color stuff.

And then River Tam from Serenity.  A black and white still of River from the movie popped up as I was searching noir portraits, so I naturally thought it was a good idea.

A Windwaker style character.  I have to say the style of Windwaker has been growing on me since I've taken a character design class.  The concept art for that game is nicely simple and stylized.  This is also a character comp for a student game team I'm currently working on.  Just experimenting to see what sticks.

Finishing this week's update with a drawing from today life drawing session.  Always more to do.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Daily Paintings May 4th-8th

More daily paintings incoming:

Summer semester starts up tomorrow, so here's to hoping I can keep this up.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Daily Paintings May 1st-3rd

I'm trying to keep up a daily painting regiment for this summer to get some well needed practice with photoshop and painting in general.  Here's the first three starting from May 1st:

Bridgman and Gestures

Some gesture drawings and Bridgman studies.

Character Design: Aleta

For character design.  Aleta, the western heroine:

First 3D Modeled Character

 Here's the process work for my first 3D character, from concept, to model, to finish.

A Well Needed Start

It's quite time I started a blogspot to display my works in progress, my schoolwork, and the stuff I manage to do in my free time.  For now I'll post a few things from recent projects, as well as some doodles I've been attending to for the last few days.

Hope you enjoy!